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As a student of yoga, I am committed to the practice because of its ever-present potential to stabilize, heal, and transform. In my practice and my teaching, I am interested in awareness and inquiry rather than control and correction. I teach from my own knowledge base and experiences but strive to hoId space for each student to develop their own most effective path towards transformation. 

​My teaching is formed and re-formed by the constantly evolving education I receive from my teachers, from my personal practice, and from my students. I have studied with, and continue to be inspired by, Ron Reid, Leslie Kaminoff, Thomas Myers, Sudhir Tiwari, Annie Carpenter, Dharma Mittra, Mark Lilly, Nischala Joy Devi, Richard Miller, and Gay White. ​​

As a white woman learning/teaching yoga in the US, there are so many ways in which I benefit from imperialism, colonialism, and racism. I grapple with this reality and don't have any clear answers. I engage in self reflection and use that work to bring awareness to—and ultimately change—my own behaviors that uphold the oppression of marginalized groups.

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